“The Game of Life is a lot like FOOTBALL. You have to TACKLE your Problems,

BLOCK your Fears, and SCORE your Points

when you get the Opportunity.”

~Lewis Grizzard~


hdr-photography-faggotry-liga-bbva-barcelona-fc-1366x768-wallpaperSHOWING TOLERANCE FOR FRUSTRATIONS, CONFLICTS, & PRESSURE

There are many things in life that drags me down such as school, your peers, family, and even previous experiences. Life is known to be cruel and isn’t sunshines and rainbow. Bad things in life tend to occur more in life than things that i actually want.

With all the obstacles that try to block my path to happiness and success. Having the strength to tolerate all of the negativity and problems in my life gives me power, independence, and an extra step to the top of the mountain. There is no such obstacle that can stop me knowing that I have god in my side who give me strength to easily transcend it. Even though one does not simply tolerate all the pain. The effort and determination play a big role.

Why do we fall. To learn how to stand up. So whenever I think that I can’t take it anymore,  I remember that I have the strength and courage to stand back up.


cropped-maxresdefault.jpgTHE POWER OF WILL & EFFORT

Life is considered to be unfair. People get what they want, while other people don’t. The cause of this tension is due to people thinking that people get it naturally or by luck. But not all people are the same. There are millions of people who give their utmost effort to achieve their goals.

With my utmost effort, I will be able to take a step closer towards achieving my goals. Not only will I be able to reach my peak, but I will be able to create more goals for my future that I will become better to achieve. With determination and commitment, I will not only become the best person I can be, I will become a person that I want to be.


Visual-imagination_-Concept-of-small-genius_Copyright-Alphaspirit-ShutterstockWITH CREATIVITY COMES RESOURCEFULNESS

Every person encounters problems in their life that they can’t seem solve.Eventually, they find a way to find a solution. How you may ask, simply the creativity and resourcefulness which is natural in people.

I’ve always wanted the ability to turn my imagination or ideas into reality. But how do I attain that ability some may ask. what way is better than by being resourceful which is the ability to cope with problems in life. Resourcefulness will not only clear the path to creativity, but will also to enlightenment.

Being free of restrictions and having the ability to cope with conflicts in life gives me the creativity that I need for my youth and my future.


mother_earth_by_josephine101DEAR MOTHER EARTH

Looking back at all the things mother earth has given to us. I told myself, what are we doing to repay her, how are we going to repay her. With society improving drastically, for sure their are countless ways we can repay our nature, where it all started.
Currently, we are losing our beloved mother in nature but are not thinking of way to pay back what she has given us. A way to preserve what we loved dearly is by taking ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Being resourceful is a major factor in the preservation of mother earth knowing that we may have the ability to cope with the problems such as pollution-global warming that risk the very existence of both mother earth and us.
Once again, with creativity, comes resourcefulness and vise versa. Surely we can think of countless ways to pay back for all the things she has given us.



In a world where people are being more reliant on their gadgets instead of spending quality time in the real world. People tend to become emotionless. I have witnessed several people with no emotion. Encountering that, I couldn’t understand what going in their head. 

Emotions are something natural in people. But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t be taken to the next level. The greatest power comes with the greatest knowledge. With knowledge, you can transcend any obstacle that blocks your way. With the ability to learn more ways to express emotions helps express yourself. It will Let people understand who you really are.





We all tend to procrastinate about how we want to achieve something without actually taking action. That is what blocks the improvement of an individual. But there are people out there who take risks to improve and achieve their goals.

 As the captain of the Football varsity, i tend to go out of my comfort zone to improve not only myself, but my team too. I strive, i sweat blood and turns out to be worth it coming out with a result of perfection. I as a human being am not perfect. I also sometimes don’t want to do anything, just stay there, watching or doing what I want to do rather than what I need to do. But given the responsibility as captain. I trust my coaches decision and my growth mindset to further improve. I don’t want to be known as the best Football player in Stonyhurst. I want to be known as the best Football player in the Philippines then work my way higher. To achieve that, i have to get out of my comfort zone. The end of one’s comfort zone, is the best opportunity to improve.



Media and information are both one of the  major influences in our current century. As media and information  grow, ICT and media play a major role in the growth of media. Most ways we communicate, or share information, or entertain  yourselves shows how ICT and media help in the development of media and information literacy .

One of the most important uses of media is focused on the youth of this generation. With gadgets and technologies being used more and more, day after day. It is senseible to understand that media and information literacy help in the education of kids in thus generation.

Certainly, I have experienced using gadgets in my school and currently am still using it as a means of aiding myself. I think it is very important as it may be used in countless ways whether it’s to help in completing a given task or to learn more for your own sake. Knowing that a private information is held withing the gadget of many teens, it is a dangerous gamble when it comes to hackers or even the social media’s own developer. Everything that people do nowadays are influenced by the media, whether it comes to politics, fashion, or even life style.


We all have our ideals and interests somewhat modeled out of what we have seen from the media. Media has a major influence on the people these days since we are all exposed to some sort of tech or gadget which has a form of media being displayed. Not only do new media influence our current generation but traditional media as well. When it comes to books being used everyday to old school new papers being distributed to radios in our cars to even what people now a days consider dead, television. Through all these types of media and more, certainly, false information will be displayed due to sometimes a mistake, or to attract the publics attention, to become the dominant Campany , or in some cases, to brainwash the public.

I have certainly been tricked to buy items and food that I have thought was true. Even though it had no effect on me, it isn’t nice to know that a company or organization sells lies to there consumers in order to become the dominant Campany/organization. TheI are countless people who fall for the traps if such businesses and all they do is complain. In order to avoid such fallacies is by being conscious/aware of what you are buying.

“Knowledge is power”

~Francis Bacon~